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Candidate City

The Rowing World Championships 2027 in Lucerne is not just meant to be sports competitions on the Rotsee. We want to celebrate a rowing festival with people from all over the world – thrilling competitions in harmony with nature – a vibrant rowing festival in the heart of the city – inspirations that make a mark and touch hearts.


Lucerne offers athletes the ultimate competition experience. The consistently fair conditions of the legendary Rotsee are of particular importance for this crucial selection for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in L.A. 2028!

World Championships in Lucerne will bring over 30,000 spectators from all over the world to the lake. To accommodate this high number of spectators, a U-shaped arena is planned at the finish area – an additional grandstand on the opposite side and a temporary bridge connecting both shores. The athletes will thus enjoy the unique atmosphere in the finish arena until they cross the finish line. Of course, cowbells will also be present…

Candidate City Lucerne
World Rowing
Championship 2027


Experience the unique blend of culture and sport in the breathtaking city of Lucerne, one of Switzerland’s most important tourist destinations. While the LUCERNE REGATTA, which has been held since 1903, already holds a special place in people’s hearts, we will use the 2027 World Championships to turn this rowing regatta into an exhilarating city festival!

The 2027 World Championships aim to bring rowing to the heart of the city, as spectators can follow competitions live on a big screen in the central WM-Village. In the evening, we will also hold the award ceremonies here, accompanied by concerts and other cultural events. Lucerne is the place where culture and sport come together.


We welcome you to Lucerne or at the international airport in Zurich, just one hour away. Many teams come to Lucerne year after year and stay in “their” hotel. Of course, we will consider these hotels in our accommodation concept. We are already in close contact with the hoteliers to ensure the most attractive conditions.

For example, Campus Sursee – the national performance center of Swiss Triathlon – offers first-class accommodations and training facilities for athletes with a total of 550 beds and is only 25 minutes from the Rotsee by shuttle service. And in the 2-star-plus range, we will have a large selection of beds under €100 per night – including transport and meals.

We will offer attractive options, but it is entirely up to the teams which offer they ultimately choose.

Sport, nature
and sustainability
at the Rotsee


Rowing regattas on the Rotsee are a prime example of the coexistence of nature and sporting events. But sustainability means more to us. It also includes the development of rowing sports, the involvement of sports-enthusiastic youth, and social responsibility.

The annual regatta in Lucerne allows us to continue and utilize such projects afterward. These include a Talent Cup for the U17 generation as well as the integration of a "Row & Run" discipline into one of the region's most significant running events, the relocation of medal ceremonies to the city center, and the connection with cultural events on the four final days - a sustainable integration into society.

Support us in spreading the values of rowing to a broad audience and be inspired by our vision of a sustainable future in rowing competitions!